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Non-contact thickness gauging

The PEL-CNC sensor is a pneumatically controlled system for thickness gauging

  • PEL-A pneumatic sensor
  • A nozzle mounted at the tip of the probe
  • A servo motor controlled by the output of the PEL-A to maintain the tip of the probe at a preset distance from the surface of the workpiece
  • A linear encoder to measure the displacement of the probe.
  • A computing unit to combine the data and provide the thickness value.

The PEL-CNC provides a gauging range of 25mm with a resolution up to 0.1um.
The tip of the probe can be equipped with different nozzles:

1mm diameter gauging nozzle for maximum precision
Concentric nozzle for larger stand off distance (1-3mm)

Key Applications: Thickness gauging (with submicron accuracy)

  • Unaffected by the material (metal, glass, sapphire, plastic, polished, unpolished, etc…)
  • Non-contact sensing
  • Sub-miniature detector
  • Submicron repetitive accuracy

*PEL is a registered trademark of MAWOMATIC  www.mawomatic.de

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