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Machine Control & Automation

Presence Check-Parts Counting-Breakage Detection-Dimenisonal Sorting-Form Check

Related Products: PEL and SEPEL

The PEL-system is a pneumatically controlled sensor for gauging and control:

  • Unaffected by the material
  • Non-contact sensing
  • Sub-miniature detector
  • Submicron repetitive accuracy
  • High speed control 50/second
  • Modular unit
  • Reliable and dependable

The PEL and SEPEL sensors use a stream of clean dry air from a sensing nozzle to make a non-contact detection of a target and provide electrical or pneumatic signal to indicate, presence, position, form or dimension. The supply pressure is set at 10Psi.


  • Reed relay – 50V max and 0.5A max.
  • PEL-P: Pneumatic output 2-way valve
  • PEL-N: PNP or NPN output 0-5V logic
  • PEL C: PNP or NPN output
  • SEPEL: NPN output 0-5V
  • PEL-Kolibri: numeric output and digital display

Key Applications: Automation and Machinery

  • Drill Breakage detection (as small as 10mils)
  • Workpiece seating gap check
  • Leak from molds (Aluminum die-cast machine)
  • Through hole check
  • Machine hole dimension (IO or OD)
  • Thickness gauging, Dimension gauging
  • Edge control
  • Threaded/unthreaded hole check
  • Wear of grinding wheel

For more information, please visit SEPEL and PEL KOLIBRI

Pick and Place – Vacuum Control – Pressure Control

Related Products: UPS and MUPS

UPS Switch

  • Diaphragm type, small size, light weight
  • Adjustable pressure detection level
  • Positive, negative and differential pressure
  • +/- 15Psi range (+/- 1kgf/cm³)
  • High reliability, Particles free operation

MUPS Switch
Includes the UPS switch mounted on a base block with a calibrated orifice. With air flowing through the orifice of the base, the UPS switch detects the differential pressure generated on both side of the orifice.

  • Vacuum absorption checking
  • Unaffected by fluctuations in primary vacuum
  • Easily adjustable setting
  • Simple installation and reduced piping work
  • Manifolding available
  • Large number of model available
  • Output: DC 24V, 40mA



Pick and Place System

Die bonder

Wafer Handling System

Dicing equipment

Resist coater

Electronic Assembly

Automatic components assembly

Components insertion

For more information, please visit UPS-MUPS

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