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Low pressure liquid level sensing

High corrosion resistance

Recommended for highly corrosive liquids

High accuracy:

Level sensor using 2-stage nozzle flapper technology. (+/-1mm). (Bubble switch)

Low supply pressure (3 to 5Psi) and low air flow.

Easy installation: instant level setting

Most dependable

Available as single level switch (LPLS) or as multilevel switch (4 to 6 setting levels) with analog output (LPS3UA)


Liquid surface detection: The sensor is activated as soon as the liquid reached the tip of the sensing pipe.

For the analog output sensor (0 to 10V), the level detection is continuous from 2cm to 1m of liquid. Resolution is 1mm.


LPS Single level switch


LPS3UA multiple level switch and analog output


Type A: Microswitch 3A, 110 to 250V AC

Type B: Reedswitch 0.25A 100VDC

Pneumatic output (low pressure)

Key Applications

Semiconductor equipment

Etching stations

Automated cleaning stations

Electronic assembly

Automated soldering machine

Printed circuit board

Automotive industry

Level control for charging unit

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