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Thickness Gauging -Positioning Gauging – IOD/ID Gauging

Non-contact gauging for all solid and soft materials, clear or opaque, any color and shape (metal, plastic, glass)

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PEL-A Differential backpressure gauging sensor, using an air bridge configuration for stable and high resolution output for non-contact gauging

Sensing Range
20μm to 3mm
20μm to 1mm
10μm to 300mm
Max resolution
20mV/μm (.25mm)
80mV/μm (.05mm)
200mV/μm (.01mm)

For more information, please visit PEL-A

PEL-CNC Non-Contact, high precision gauging for manufacturing environment.
Auto-positioning sensor with range of 25mm.

Resolution 0.1μm.

Dimensional gauging
Wafer thickness and warpage
High precision positioning

For more information, please visit PEL-CNC

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